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Members wiki[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Recommended books

Mentoring resources

Covid-19 Schutzkonzept

Meeting roles[edit | edit source]




Table topic master



General evaluator


Mentoring program[edit | edit source]

Mentor List

Mentor Job Description


Pathways[edit | edit source]

Pathways Useful Links

Officers wiki[edit | edit source]

Officers roles[edit | edit source]

The responsibilities for each officers are described in the Club Leadership Handbook. As a team, the executive committee is responsible for creating a club budget, complete a Club Success Plan and define a strategy for the Distinguished Club Program. Specific information about our club for each officer is given in the links below.


Vice President Education

Vice President Membership

Vice President Public Relations



Sergeant at Arms

Immediate Past President

Task management[edit | edit source]

Visiting guest

Change of location or time

Member sign up

Member subscription cancelling

Award presentation

New officers elections

Events[edit | edit source]

Club contest

Christmas party

Annual general meeting


Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Meeting rooms

Guests wiki[edit | edit source]

What to expect as a guest

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