This wiki is obviously in open access to everyone on the Internet, not only the members of our club. Therefore it is forbidden to post any personal or sensitive information such as:

  • Any login information such as username or passwords
  • Bank account numbers
  • Members information such as: email addresses, last names, place of residence, etc

When referring to one of our member, just write his or her first name, nothing more than that.

Non-member email addresses that are published should obfuscated. For example: info(at)toastmastersberne(dot)ch

If you want to post a picture where members or guests are recognizable, you have to ask all people on the picture for their permission first. It is not allowed to tag people on pictures (even with only the first name).

When saving an edit, write a short comment that briefly describes your modification.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.