Useful Pathways links Edit

Link to a webinar recording and slides on "Introduction to PATHWAYS" to explain you a bit how the Pathways education system works followed by a round of questions and answers:  The names of the documents:

  • Slides: “1 - Webinar 22-11-2018 - Pathways vs easy-Speak + first steps_white.pptx”
  • Recording: “2 - Webinar 22-11-2018 - Pathways intro + 1st steps”

Some useful links and tips Edit

Evaluation forms: Edit

  • There are slight differences in the evaluation form/resource for each Pathways project. Nonetheless, there is a generic evaluation form which you find also when you click on the link
  • It’s the speaker’s responsibility to bring along a copy of the evaluation form to the meeting. The speaker can send around the PDF file, too, but then there’s the risk that the written evaluation is forgotten or not returned to the speaker by the evaluator in a timely manner.
  • Please keep in mind that it’s a Toastmasters standard that every speaker receives an oral and a written evaluation by the evaluator.
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