If you're looking for a mentor, here's a list of Toastmasters members that you could ask:

Name Toastmaster since Native language My profile / what I can help with

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Edel 2016, October English, Ireland I have personal experience in overcoming fear of public speaking. I am also interested in communicating scientific or complex information to non-technical/public audiences, and have also interest in storytelling and inspirational speeches. I can help anyone overcome obstacles to confident public speaking, and improve their overall speaking skills.
Erwin 2019, April German, Switzerland I'm willing to help on your basic questions. I am interested in public speaking and questions in economics.
Fabian 2019, November German, Austria
Graham 2008, October English
Jean-Pierre 2015, June English
Judith 2018, January English, UK I have some training in leadership, and also prepared a big speech on the TED stage in 2017. I am very happy to mentor, but I expect the mentee to lead the process and I will support it.
Katja 2009, June German, Germany
Lorenz 2019, August German, Switzerland I'm willing to help, always, especially with getting started. I can help you with Easyspeak (tmclub.eu) and Pathways/Basecamp (www.toastmasters.org). If you want to do a trial run for one your next speeches, I'm willing to listen and give some feedback, live or over Zoom, depending on the current situation.
Martin 2008, October Switzerland
Masa 2019, July
Patrick B 2019, February German, Switzerland
Pierre-Yves 2018, January French, Switzerland
Priscila 2018, March
Robin 2015, November Switzerland
Ruth 2019, December
Sadri 2019, October German, Switzerland
Tsolmon 2019, November
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