If you're looking for a mentor, here's a list of Toastmasters members that you could ask:

Name Toastmaster since Native language My profile / what I can help with

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Edel 2016, October English, Ireland I have personal experience in overcoming fear of public speaking. I am also interested in communicating scientific or complex information to non-technical/public audiences, and have also interest in storytelling and inspirational speeches. I can help anyone overcome obstacles to confident public speaking, and improve their overall speaking skills.
Erwin 2019, April German, Switzerland
Fabian 2019, November German, Austria
Graham 2008, October English
Jean-Pierre 2015, June English
Judith 2018, January English, UK
Katja 2009, June German, Germany
Lorenz 2019, August German, Switzerland I'm willing to help, always, but I'm a bit impatient and I expect a lot of others as well as of myself ;-)
Martin 2008, October Switzerland
Masa 2019, July
Patrick B 2019, February German, Switzerland
Pierre-Yves 2018, January French, Switzerland
Priscila 2018, March
Robin 2015, November Switzerland
Ruth 2019, December
Sadri 2019, October German, Switzerland
Tsolmon 2019, November
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