Toastmasters Bern Wiki

As a mentor at Toastmasters Berne, you should...

  • have a few months of experience at our club.
  • have given at least your Icebreaker speech.
  • be able to help new members getting started with Easyspeak, Basecamp.
  • be able to send the mentee a few documents, see Mentoring resources as well as links to our webpage, our Wiki and our Facebook group.
  • be willing to give a few tips for the first speech.
  • explain the different meeting roles.
  • talk about our club live, events, competitions and goals.
  • encourage new members to participate at our meetings and start taking roles.
  • offer to your mentee to listen to a trial run of her first speech, if she wants to, or give feedback to the actual speech.
  • be willing to invest 1-5 hours for a new member for those points mentioned here